IOC Video News Release Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the IOC Newsroom video news releases (“IOC-VNRs”) (applicable in conjunction with the IOC’s Terms of Service):

IOC-VNRs are for bona fide news reporting purposes only and all rights required for their production have been cleared. Nonetheless, you are responsible for all third-party licences for communication to the public, required, when applicable, from any relevant music rights-holders (including any relevant collecting societies or other collective management organisations or, where relevant, music rights-holders direct, such as any relevant music publishers and/or record companies), and for paying all related fees (including, without limitation, any applicable performing-right and neighbouring-rights fees, as such terms are understood within the music industry) which become due in connection with your use of this content and any other IOC-VNRs. You shall not alter the IOC-VNRs, outside of editing it for the purpose of news syndication or broadcast, nor superimpose any material (including any promotion or advertisement or identifiable trademark or brand name of any product or service). IOC-VNRs shall not be used by you in a manner that may create confusion or mislead, directly or indirectly, on the existence of a commercial, official or other association or link between you, any third party, product, service and/or event (on the one hand) and the IOC, the Olympic Games, the Youth Olympic Games, and/or the Olympic Movement (on the other hand), except if any such association has been approved in writing by the IOC. Your use of the IOC-VNRs shall be accompanied by reasonable copyright notice/credit as follows: “© [year] – International Olympic Committee – All Rights Reserved” or for television broadcasting: “Courtesy of the International Olympic Committee” in accordance with your standard copyright notice/credit standard practice. Any use other than as specifically provided herein will be considered a violation of the IOC’s rights and may subject violators to legal liability under the relevant laws including those concerning copyright law, trademark law, criminal law, unfair competition, misappropriation and/or contract law, as applicable.

Additional specific terms may apply to certain IOC-VNRs, in particular to IOC-VNRs containing broadcast footage of the Olympic Games or the Youth Olympic Games, as specifically indicated in the corresponding content.